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Chinese Lunar Calendar As Your Baby Gender Predictor

The Chinese Lunar Calendar has been used to predict baby gender for a long, long time! It was discovered about 700 years ago by Chinese scientists, and is claimed to be 99% accurate. Mothers in many far eastern countries put a lot of faith in it’s predictions, here in the west it’s accuracy is questioned. If nothing else it can be a lot of fun at your next baby shower or get together.

I offer it here for entertainment purposes only, but lets learn the proper way to use it ok? To use the Chinese baby gender predictor chart you need to know two things, first the mothers age at the time of conception, remember that’s conception not the actual birth date! You will also need to know the month of conception, again conception not birth!

You will find these dates using the Chinese Lunar Calendar as opposed to the Gregorian Calendar used in the west. The Chinese Lunar Calendar uses the moon phases to determine the months in a year. This varies from year to year, therefore so does New Years day for instance. It falls somewhere between January 22 and February 22 every year. So this could conceivably require you to add a year to the mothers age, depending on her birth date.

The Chinese believe a persons life starts at conception instead of the actual birth date (makes sense to me!) So to figure the mothers age at the time of conception you subtract 9 months from her age from the baby’s due date, or birth date. To find the month of conception again subtract 9 months from the due date or birth date. Make sense?

Do this right and you’ll give yourself the best possibility of an accurate result.

So here’s the Chinese Lunar Baby Gender Prediction Chart, have some fun with it


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