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Why Someone Would Want a Baby of One Gender Over the Other? You Can Pick Your Baby’s Gender

Most, if not all, of the expecting parents are very excited with this new addition to the family. Along with the excitement of having a new family member, comes the expectation of the baby’s gender. Wanting a specific gender over the other is normal. A lot of parents may want a girl over a boy or the other way around.

One of the reasons why parents would prefer a gender, say female over male, is that they don’t have any baby girl yet. Most of them already have one or two boys and want a girl in the family. It’s about having both genders in the kids and making the gender even out. To bring balance to your family.

Mothers,often have a tendency to want a baby girl. Meanwhile, many fathers normally want a boy. This is common since most of us would want a little version of ourselves. Men would usually want to teach their little boys how to be a man and do boy stuff, you know, fishing, baseball, things like that.

While women, on the other hand, will want to dress up their little girls, and do girly things. This preference may also be due to the stereotypes that we have for genders.

Some see boys as rough and rugged. Others may see girls as sweet and more likely to be family oriented.

Sometimes, it also depends on the belief and culture of some people. Male babies are sometimes preferred in some Asian cultures since they bring the name of the family. They also have higher status in society and can get respect. In others, females can bring the family fortune as women get dowries in their wedding proposals.

Despite preferring a certain gender over the other, this shouldn’t hamper your happiness for your new baby. Don’t be too attached or too keen on having a boy or a girl, especially if you don’t want to suffer gender disappointment  in the end.

You should always be  happy and thankful for the new life and cherish every moment that you will have with your baby, regardless of gender.

If you are still serious about trying to influence the gender of your next baby though, why not give yourself the very best chance of success…well over 90%!

Get your copy of Rebecca Washburn’s best selling guide to baby gender selection at this link: How To Pick Your Baby’s Gender, and have a baby of the gender of your choosing.

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